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RETRANSCRIPTION de la vidéo : Révolution des connaissances en psychologie ! Reprogrammer ses croyances

the new biology reveals that our mind is controlling our genetics in our behavior and when I talk about the mind I talk about there are two parts to the mind there's the conscious mind and the subconscious mind the conscious mind is the latest part of evolutions right behind our forehead right here it's the part of the mind that we have our spirit or personal identity with the conscious mind is very creative it's the one we can have positive thoughts and think about what we want in the future the subconscious mind is more like a recording device that records behavior and then when you push the button we play the behavior so it's not creative it's a habit mind well for the longest time we thought that our conscious mind our creative mind is controlling our life and that's the mind with positive thinking and the wishes and desires so conscious mind has what do you want from your life in it I think what do you want out if you're like what what do you want you say one happiness and health and and success I say oh those ideas come from the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is not creative it just plays habits well here's the problem the conscious mind can think about the future the conscious mind can think about the past we can solve a problem in our head by not paying attention to here and just going up in our head so the point the conscious mind is always moving from thought the thought to thought moving around so I say well then if the conscious Minds not paying attention then who is running the life day to day all the things we do driving the car doing the job if our mind is moving as it turns out our subconscious mind so now we know that we are only creating our life 5% of the time with our wishes and our desires 95% of our life comes from the habits I go whoa well then we have a problem because the fundamental habits the first habits that we learned we learned them from pair from our family in our community and this is the beliefs that went first into our subconscious mind so I say when you are being conscious using their conscious creative mind you're doing what you want but the moment the conscious mind moves and thinks about something then by default we go to the subconscious like all but the main programs in the subconscious are other people's programs we got them from our parents or from our family and so now we find out ninety-five percent of our life is from the subconscious programs and this is where a lot of issues come from for a simple reason I wish to be successful in healthy and then I turned out to be a failure or turned out to have a disease and I say how come and it turns out because we're only working 5% with my wishes 95% of the story from my family so if my parents behaviors created cancer and they gave me the behaviors then when I grow up I'll get the cancer as well not because I consciously want to cancer but because my habits from my parents are playing ninety five percent of the time well this changes the way we do psychology for a very important reason because now we see the two minds as separate minds consciousness not subconscious that conscious learns in a different way subconscious is more habit conscious is more creative so I say oh how can i educate a conscious mind I say read a book read a self-help book I said good now you read the book and I can give you a test at the end of the book I say look you've got a hundred you know everything in the book I say yes your conscious mind has understood the book and that I say has your life changed you go there's the same life how come and I say because you educated the conscious mind with reading but you didn't change the subconscious mind so you become more aware in their consciousness and yet you still have the same habits in your subconscious psychology is like that as well I can go back and find out my mother did this my father did this my friends did this in my life and that caused me to be crazy and I say oh now I know all that I say where is that knowledge I say oh the conscious mind knows that I say now that the conscious mind is aware of why you are crazy does your life change and I say no because the conscious mind learns that way the subconscious mind learns in a different way so if you want to change the programming in a subconscious mind which really runs our life we can't have the conscious mind talk to the subconscious mind some people say I'm going to get myself a good talking I will tell myself not to do this again and it never works and the reason is this there is an entity and the conscious mind you in a subconscious mind as a machine so you try to talk to the machine but there's nobody in there and that's why we're not successful at changing the old patterns so there are three ways to change the subconscious mind and this is the three ways of subconscious my learns the subconscious mind can learn from hypnosis this is how we got the first six years of programming in our subconscious this conscious the subconscious mind can learn from hat if I repeat something over and over and over again practice and practice and practice the subconscious mind can learn it that way and a third way is new it's called super learning it's a way of like pushing the record button on a tape recorder when you push the record button it can download information the new psychology of energy psychology that activates the equivalent of supermoon so we don't have to go over your whole life experiences in just minutes we can take a belief that is that is not helping you in minutes and rewrite that belief in the subconscious and you can walk away ten minutes later a completely different person I'm very excited by this psychology because the world is in a lot of stress we don't have a lot of time like the old-fashioned psychology takes years the new psychology takes minutes and this is very important for humans because we need to change our lives as soon as we can to create a better sustainable world Retrouvez plus 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